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My name is Meadow Goldman and I am a massage therapist and yoga therapist. I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder tension for years. In fact, it was what brought me to massage therapy as a career. I definitely got relief from it, but it never fully resolved. I had taken multiple trainings in both massage and yoga and had been a yoga teacher for 10 years before I finally had the right information from a variety sources that lead me to understand that how I was breathing was the root cause. I haven’t had the chronic neck and shoulder pain for a few years now, and I have been using the techniques I developed with my clients with excellent results.


Deep Relief Breathing Course Outline


This journey of resolving neck and shoulder pain is what has inspired me to design this course. Many trainings don’t go into the anatomy and mechanics or neurobiology of breathing. It is often overlooked and so unfortunately manual therapists often don’t have the training to effectively teach efficient breathing.


This course is in the beta development stage and has a unique and agile format. It will include 4 information packed modules in a dynamic live virtual class:



Module #1: The Neurobiology of Breathing:


Many people intuitively understand that how we breathe is related to not just physical activity, but also our emotional state. In the first module, we will have an overview of the neurobiology of breathing. We will look at and experience through exercises how breathing influences the nervous system. We will look at the research on how we breathe and how it affects muscle tone, lymphatic movement and a client’s ability to receive the bodywork we are offering. When combining effective therapeutic breathing with your bodywork, you get better, more lasting results. You also get more satisfied clients who are happy to give you rave reviews and refer their friends and family.

Module #2: The Anatomy and Mechanics of Breathing

In the second module, we will dive deep into the of the anatomy and mechanics of breathing and its relationship to neck and shoulder pain. Through PDFs and videos and that clearly explain the anatomy and mechanics of breathing, you will gain a clear understanding of how to breathe efficiently. Inefficient breathing strains neck and upper back muscles. We will also cover very important postural considerations. Most importantly you will be able to feel the correct muscles and have no doubt about how to breathe efficiently. This will give you the confidence to teach clients that will gain your client’s respect and set you apart from other therapists.

Module #3: Breathing Re education

In module 3, you will learn how to teach clients with ease and clarity how to breathe more efficiently resulting in less neck and shoulder pain. You will learn strategies to do before, during and after a session to make sure clients can incorporate this vital function and get the results you want. By setting your clients up for breathing success, you will help them breathe in a way that results in less neck and shoulder pain and tension. When you are able to provide some life changing information, they will keep coming back to you because you have earned their trust and loyalty.


Module #4 Deep Relief Manual Therapy Sequence

In module 4, you will learn a variety of techniques to relieve the neck and shoulder muscles that get overworked by inefficient breathing. You will learn a sequence that will help resolve chronic neck and shoulder tension. When you apply this sequence with education about efficient breathing, you provide your clients with a game changing combination. You can increase your impact and your satisfaction by seeing your clients dramatically improve their neck and shoulder pain. You can do all this without adding any extra strain to your body and prolonging your career.


This will be a ground breaking course, one of a kind. I am offering a special beta pricing of $97 for the 8 hours of the course. The next offering of this course will be $197. I hope you are able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.


I have a bonus to offer you as well. I have been doing breathing workshops as a great way to meet and connect with clients and has proven to be a nice marketing approach. This is a “workshop in a box” that I will offer to the first beta class. It includes PDFs for participants, a course outline and marketing templates for you to customize. This alone costs $79. But I will include it for free to this first beta class!


The course will be through the platform Thinkific. This will be live virtual course that combines the convenience of an online course with dynamic interaction of a live course. You get to ask questions, share experiences and not have to leave your home or office. No travel or hotels, but all the benefits of meeting fellow like minded practitioners and seeing live real time demonstrations. I am very excited about this format!

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